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More Details About The Go Rush!! Video Game

Interested in the story and not the cards? Well…

Confirmed Characters, via V Jump:

Yudias, Yuhi, Yuamu, Manabu, Zuwijo

And from the official website…

There are three ways to play “Yu-Gi-Oh! Rush Duel Let’s! Go Rush!!”

1. Standard Edition: Free to Play; Download Only; Play Though The Game’s Story; Limits To PVP Play Per Day
2. Special Edition: Pay to Play; Downloadable; Start The Game With A Copy of Nearly Every Card!
3. Special Edition: Pay to Play; Physical Copy; Start The Game With A Copy Of Nearly Every Card!; First Edition Bonuses

(Certain Cards, including Legends are Excluded)

The Standard Version lets you play for free, but has PVP limitations, and you start the Deck with only a Starter Deck, unless you import your collection from the first game.

The Downloadable Special Edition is 5500 Yen
The Physical Special Edition is 6600 Yen

The Special Editions grant you unlimited PVP play.



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