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More Cyber Style Structure Deck Cards

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SD41-JP001 アタッチメント・サイバーン Attachment Cybern
Level 3 LIGHT Dragon Effect Monster
ATK 1600
DEF 800
You can only use the 3rd effect of this card’s name once per turn.
(1) You can target 1 Dragon or Machine “Cyber” monster you control; equip this card from your hand or field to that target.
(2) A monster equipped with this card gains 600 ATK.
(3) If this card equipped to a monster is sent to the GY: You can target 1 other Dragon or Machine “Cyber” monster in your GY; Special Summon it.

SD41-JP022 エターナル・サイバー Eternal Cyber
Quick-Play Spell Card
You can only use the 1st and 2nd effects of this card’s name once per turn each.
(1) Target 1 Machine “Cyber” Fusion Monster in your GY; either return it to the Extra Deck or Special Summon it, ignoring its Summoning conditions.
(2) If a Machine “Cyber” Fusion Monster(s) you control would be destroyed by battle or effect, you can banish this card from your GY instead.



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