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More Characters Confirmed for Saikyo Battle Royal!

Even one’s imagination has substance!

覚醒ロミン Awakened Romin

Romin’s true form when her patience reaches its limit!? She becomes way stronger at Dueling for whatever reason!

幻影ルーク Imaginary Luke

Another Luke created from loneliness!? He plays a huge role that’s key to a crisis for the player character.

御前乃ウシロウ Omaeno Ushirou

While he’s the bassist for Roa Romin, he never leaves much of an impact, so no one ever remembers his name. He appears at Seven Hells Hall during the middle of the game!

セバスチャン Sebastian

A self proclaimed Massage Throne, he’s a high-spec drone who serves Neil. Does he await you during the story’s end game!?



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