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[Deck Recipes] August 31st, 2020

Magical Broker makes a deal with the DIsciples of True Dracophoenix.

ID Name: Bambino
Deck: “Tribrigade” Deck

3 Tribrigade Phractaur
3 Tribrigade Nabel
2 Tribrigade Ceras
1 Zoodiac Thoroughblade
1 Zoodiac Whiptail
1 Zoodiac Ramram
1 Zoodiac Ratpier
3 Lyrilusc – Turquoise Warbler
1 Lyrilusc – Cobalt Sparrow
1 Mist Valley Apex Avian
3 Maxx “C”
1 D.D. Crow
3 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring

3 Called by the Grave
3 Fire Formation – Tenki
3 Forbidden Droplet
1 Tribrigade Airborne
1 Zoodiac Barrage

3 Tribrigade Revolt
3 Infinite Impermanence

2 Tribrigade Shrike the Wicked Wings
1 Tribrigade Lugerou the Silver Bullet
2 Tribrigade Felidgette the Fruitless Flower
1 Simorgh, Bird of Sovereignty
1 Gladiator Beast Dragases
1 Ancient Warriors Oath – Double Dragon Lords
1 Number F0: Utopic Future
1 Number F0: Utopic Future Dragon
1 Zoodiac Tigermortar
1 Zoodiac Chakanine
1 Zoodiac Boarbow
1 Zoodiac Drident
1 Negalogia AA-Zeus

Side Deck:

1 Barrier Statue of the Stormwinds
2 Dinowrestler Pankratops
2 Nibiru, the Primal Being
2 Zoo King Alpha
1 Forbidden Droplet
1 Harpie’s Feather Duster
1 Lightning Storm
2 Cosmic Cyclone
2 Crossout Designator
1 Imperial Order


ID Name: たかはし
Deck: “Sky Striker” Deck

3 Sky Striker Ace – Raye
1 Sky Striker Ace – Roze
3 Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring
3 Maxx “C”
3 Effect Veiler
1 Red-Eyes Black Dragon
1 Dark Magician

1 Harpie’s Feather Duster
1 Reinforcement of the Army
1 Terraforming
1 Mystic Mine
1 Red-Eyes Fusion
2 Sky Striker Mobilize – Engage!
1 Sky Striker Maneuver – Afterburners!
2 Sky Striker Mecha – Widow Anchor
1 Sky Striker Mecha – Shark Cannon
1 Sky Striker Mecha – Hornet Drones
1 Sky Striker Mecha – Eagle Booster
2 Sky Striker Mecha Modules – Multirole
1 Sky Striker Airspace – Area Zero
3 Upstart Goblin
2 Called by the Grave
1 Crossout Designator

3 Infinite Impermanence

1 Sky Striker Ace – Kagari
2 Sky Striker Ace – Shizuku
2 Sky Striker Ace – Hayate
1 Sky Striker Ace – Kaina
1 Sky Striker Ace – Zeke
1 Linkuriboh
1 Predaplant Verte Anaconda
1 Crystron Halqifibrax
1 Ningirsu the World Chalice Warrior
1 Selene, Queen of the Master Magicians
1 Accesscode Talker
1 Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon
1 Fossil Warrior Skull Knight

Side Deck:

2 Dinowrestler Pankratops
3 Artifact Lancea
1 Artifact Scythe
1 Nibiru, the Primal Being
1 Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit
3 Mystical Space Typhoon
1 Sky Striker Mecha – Shark Cannon
3 Artifact Sanctuum


Instructor Created Deck #140: “True Draco” Deck Featuring “Magical Broker”

Featuring Cards From Phantom Rage!!

3 Magical Broker
3 Dinomight Knight, the True Dracofighter
2 Ignis Heat, the True Dracowarrior
1 Majesty Maiden, the True Dracocaster

3 Disciples of the True Dracophoenix
3 True Draco Heritage
1 Dragonic Diagram
3 Pot of Desires
3 Pot of Duality
3 Card of Demise
1 Terraforming
2 Forbidden Droplet
1 Chicken Game
1 Set Rotation

3 True Draco Apocalypse
3 True King’s Return
1 Vanity’s Emptiness
3 Safe Zone

Deck Concept

A “True Draco” Deck featuring “Magical Broker”.

Since “True Draco” Spell/Traps have destruction effects that activate if sent to the GY, you can use the second effect of “Magical Broker” to draw while destroying the opponent’s cards.

“Safe Zone” can be used to protect your own monsters from destruction, while also allowing you to use “Magical Broker” to send it to the GY to destroy an opponent’s cards just like with “True Draco” Traps.

Also, “Domain of the True Monarchs” requires there be no cards in your Extra Deck.

POINT: If There Are Continuous Spells & Traps

As long as there are Continuous Spell/Trap Cards, this card cannot be destroyed.

The above effect not only ensures it’s study for battle, but it heavily ensures the Deck’s stability.


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