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Misc V Jump April 2019 Information

On Statues and Artworks.

Stardust Dragon Figure

Price: Unknown
Release Date: Unknown
Specifications: Approximately 26 cm
Prototype Production: Nyabaa
Manufacturer: AMAKUNI
It can be bought at Hobby Japan (Physically and Online)

Noodle Stopper Figure ~Kaiba Seto~
Price: Amusement Exclusive Prize
Release Date: October 2019
Size: Approximately 16 cm
Sales Agency: Free

Clearing the The Challenge from Kaiba Corporation event, you get a copy of the unplayable promo of “Obelisk the Tormentor”.

You can pay to order copies of the original artworks of “Magician of Black Chaos MAX” and “Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon”.

3000 Yen

Ordering Period is:
February 21st 2019 (10:00) ~ March 20th 2019 (23:59)

Blue-Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon

It’s Ultimate! Although I’ve designed numerous “Blue-Eyes”, I’m no longer quite sure what “Ultimate” is anymore, so I tried to go for a Dragon with wicked terrifying faces! Despite being a “Blue-Eyes White Dragon”, this one has gotten far darker than any before it?

Magician of Black Chaos MAX

It’s MAX! I’ve designed quite a few “Dark Magicians”, so I wasn’t quite sure how to make it any more ‘MAX’ persay, so I went with splashing in a bit of Japanese style to it! I’ll be quite honest, though, and admit I kinda messed up as I started the picture off as a “Black Luster Soldier”, ahaha.


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