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[OCG] News Regarding Eastern Japanese WCQ

Mostly just what’s being played.

From the V Jump Twitter, Editor Aikawa (who deals with a lot of V Jump’s YGO stuff), mentions the World Qualifiers are generally seeing a lot of play from Star Seraph Scepter and Sovereign. Meanwhile, about half the Decks being played are Shaddolls.

Also the top 4 players (the top 2 going to Worlds for East Japan) consisted of 3 Shaddoll Players and Infernity Player who splashed HEROes?

The Finals are
Koyanu (Star Seraph Shaddoll) vs yoshix (Infernity)
X (Star Seraph Shaddoll) vs JOKER (Soul Charge Shaddoll)

Winners are yoshix (Infernity) and X (Star Seraph Shaddoll)




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