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Hey guys! It’s been a great first year, and in the last two months we’ve done a lot of expanding. The Site Staff, the Organization, and especially Dan, are all tremendously grateful for all the support and interest you’ve brought to our humble home here.

We’ve finally put aside enough start-up financials to really get the ball rolling, and we want to give you guys a way to show your support and appreciation. We’re going to be launching a line of various merchandise such as pens, calculators, playmats, and yes; t-shirts. Most of these are to come later, but we’re going to start the t-shirt orders right…..NOW!

YGOrganization 1st Edition Shirt
YGOrganization 1st Edition Shirt

The regular run of shirts is going to be black with the logo. Other colors will be available in the future, except for white. We’ve decided that for that color, we’re going to take pre-orders for a limited run of “1st Edition” Ygorganization shirts, true to the nature of our game.

Pre-orders for this shirt will be first made available on our Facebook Page to make sure our biggest fans get first dibs. You’re more than welcome to like us on Facebook and get a chance at your very own.

And while you’re at it, why not check us out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ygorganization where we will be tweeting any new card photos the instant we get them? That means you’ll see the cards faster than the site or our Facebook page! You’ll still have to come here to get any translations though ;).

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