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[Merchandise] Zip-Up Parkas

New parkas from Cospa.

“Start the Game of Darkness” Parka
“Millennium Puzzle” Parka
“Kaiba Corporation” Parka

“Winged Kuriboh” Parka
“Duel Academia” Parka

“Team 5D’s Staff” Parka

・ A heavy and durable zip-up Parkaa.
・ It can be used during 3 different seasons as outer wear for chilly days.
・ You can wear theme as a Jacket or a Blouson.
・ Fabric Thickness: 10.0 Ounces
※ Product varies in exact size and sewing position due to the nature of sewn products.

Size: M
Size: (Approx) Length: 66cm / Width: 55cm / 100% Cotton
Price:¥6,000 (Plus Tax ¥6,480)
■ Goes on sale early December 2017



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