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[Merchandise] Yu-Gi-Oh! Licensing In Europe Increases

More classic Yu-Gi-Oh! themed merchandise for European fans is coming.

Konami Cross Media, the licensing and dubbing arm for Konami with regards to its IPs, including Yu-Gi-OH!, has signed new licensing deals at the Festival of Licensing with several western European companies.


  • Abysse Corp in France
  • Pyramid International in the UK
  • butterfly-effected GmbH in Germany
  • Editions Larousse in France

Abysse, which serves as the distribution partner for the Trading Card Game in France, will be producing further merchandise from mouse pads, notebooks, pillows, wallets, glassware to backpacks. Products will initially launch in France and will expand internationally if successful

Pyramid International will be producing Yu-Gi-Oh! themed wall art, drink ware, doormats, stationary and accessories.

butterfly-effected GmbH, a digital focused company will be offering digital themes, wall paper, watch faces, icon packs, and stickers for all mobile devices worldwide (sans Asia for the usual licensing reasons)

Editions Larousse will be producing a French translation of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Guidebook printed by Scholastic.

Examples of Merchandise:

A Yugi themed Mug and a Duel Disk Schematic Wall Art from Pyramid International

Yu-Gi-Oh! themed badges, Kuriboh Keychains, and a Kaiba with Blue-Eyes White Dragon Wallet from Pyramid International

A puzzle themed Keychain and a Yugi and Dark Magician Mug by Abysse Corp



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