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[Merchandise] European Convention Shirts

4KMedia is offering two new shirts, this time for the London Comic Con and for SPIEL

Essen 2017, the city hosting SPIEL, will be the basis for 4KMedia’s square patterned The Dark Side of Dimensions T-Shirt, while London will be a triangular pattern. The clothes, as are normal, range from 24 to 27 dollars.

SPIEL is one of the biggest tabletop gaming conventions in the world, while MCM London Comic Con will be host to the London 2017 Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Event, and both are being held on the same weekend of the 20th to 22nd. Not to be left out, Konami will have a booth at SPIEL, showing off products, demonstrating the game for people interested in learning, and various small tournament events.


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