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[Merchandise] Animate Goods Originally Intended For Animate Goods Fair

From V Jump, sorry got busy.

Yuga & Rook Acrylic Strap & Keyholder

Release Date: Late July 2020
Price: 800 Yen + Tax

Yuga & Rook T-Shirts

Release Date: Early July 2020
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Colors: White (Yuga) & Black (Rook)
Price: 2900 Yen + Tax

Square Tin Cap Badges (4 Set)

Price: 1600 Yen + Tax

A4 Clear File Folder

Price: 400 Yen + Tax

Source: V Jump

However, the event has been postponed because of COVID-19. The merchandise (at least the T-Shirts and Straps) are planned for release.

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