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[Memorial Disc] Full Track List revealed

No Fang of Critias? Really?

The full tracklist for the soundtrack CD included in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist and Monsters Memorial Disc has been revealed by MARVELOUS!, with 12 of the songs that brought life to the various battles in each generation.

1. Passionate Duelists (Duel Monsters)
2. God’s Anger (Duel Monsters)
3. Miracle (GX)
4. Judai’s Theme (GX)
5. Yusei Battle (5D’s)
6. Yusei’s Theme (5D’s)
7. No.39 Hope, King of Wishes (Zexal)
8. Yuma’s Theme II (Zexal)
9. Shake! The Pendulum of the Soul! (Arc-V)
10. Come on, the fun has Only Just Begun! (Arc-V)
11. Playmaker (Vrains)
12. Firewall Dragon (Vrains)