[Master Duel] Tryout Duel Rental Competition 1

Get your 1 (one) pack.

As announced earlier, the first Tryout Duel, Rental Competition 1, is now live on Master Duel. The special rules for this Duel Trial are that you cannot use a constructed Deck, and you instead play with one of three loaners (you can choose a different Deck between Duels, you are not locked into 1 of the loaners).

HERO of the Universe:

“A Deck that uses “Elemental HERO” Fusion Monsters. All monsters in the Extra Deck are Fusion Monsters, but they all have different requirements for Fusion Materials and Summoning. Some monsters can be summoned with “Polymerization” and some that may be summoned without using “Polymerization”. Be sure to check the requirements to summon Fusion Monsters.

Stardust Bonds

“A Deck that uses Dragon-Type, Machine-Type and Warrior-Type Synchro Monsters. The Synchro Summon that summons these monsters is determined by the combination of the level and materials to be used. The standard format for this is “1 Tuner + 1 or more non-Tuner monsters.” However, there are exceptions that requires specific monsters to activate.”

Unfaltering Wings of Hope

“A Deck based around Xyz Monsters like the “Number” monsters. All monsters in the the Extra Deck are Xyz Monsters. To Xyz Summon these monsters, you will need 2 or more monsters with the same specified Level. Xyz Monsters that use Level 5 or higher monsters as Xyz Materials are powerful, but setting up that play may be difficult. Try using different Summoning methods like the “Rank-Up-Magic” Spell Cards.”

By obtaining 3 victories, you can obtain 1 pack from the most recent Selection Pack: Sprites of Miracle.

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