[Master Duel] The non Anniversary Update

Just to pass the time until something concrete pops up.

After ignoring various anniversary dates, let’s recap what actually has been implemented in this first week of February:

-New Forbidden/Limited List
The previously announced F/L list is now being applied. Remember you get +20 bonus points by dismantling cards whose upper limit of copies has been reduced.

-Update to Ranked Rewards
Starting with the current season (Season 14), for every tier you climb in the Platinum Rank, you get 50 extra gems, and for every tier you climb in the Diamond Rank, you get 100 extra gems. In other words, you can get an extra 750 gems by ranking from Platinum Tier 5 to Diamond Tier 1.

-New cards that can be generated
The following cards, which are currently Forbidden, can now be generated by using crafting points:
Fishborg Blaster
Mind Master

Tempest Magician

And now we just wait for something to happen…

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