[Master Duel] Tenyi Solo Mode & Gameplay Survey

The forgotten half of the Swordsoul Deck.

-Gameplay Survey:
The periodic survey regarding general aspects of Master Duel is now available until August 30th (time zones applying). The first time you complete this survey will give you 10 Legacy Pack Tickets.

-New Solo Mode: Land of Tenyi

“The Tenyi style fighters have long strived to harmonize with the chi that moves through the earth and continue to improve themselves to reach the ultimate state of being. They call this state, “Flawless Perfection.”

By completing this Solo Mode, you can obtain:
-150 EARTH Orbs
-150 WATER Orbs
-150 WIND Orbs
-150 FIRE Orbs
-150 LIGHT Orbs

-1 pack of Draco Masters of the Tenyi Protectors/Sleeves
-1 Berserker of the Tenyi Icon
-2 Legacy Pack Tickets
-1 Monk of the Tenyi Icon
-200 Gems

“A protector that depicts two fighters that achieved harmony with the Light Chi, and walk a path towards a new power. For those who wish to become stronger through discipline and humbleness.”

“An Icon depicting a warrior with unrivaled fists. In his quest for ultimate power, he has obtained the might of a dragon. His figure is reminiscent of a Berserker.”

“An Icon depicting a young boy who achieved harmony with the Earth chi through his masterful combat techniques. ?Young fighters who inherit the techniques and aspirations of their masters continue to advance straight ahead, aiming to reach the heights they seek.”

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One thought on “[Master Duel] Tenyi Solo Mode & Gameplay Survey

  • July 31, 2023 at 12:45 am

    Imo Festivals and Solo Modes are the only fun things about this game. Ranked Duels is too frustrating and repetitive for my taste

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