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[Master Duel] Synchro x Xyz Festival and Spellbook Stuff

Yes, you have to both Synchro and Xyz Summon.

The Synchro x Xyz Festival is now live. The following missions are available for the event:

-Normal Summon 20 times in Exhibition (200 gems total)
-Duel 10 times in Exhibition (250 gems total)
-Synchro Summon 30 times (300 gems total)
-Xyz Summon 30 times (300 gems total)

For a total of 1050 gems.

The Duel Field “Spellbook Star Hall”, previously seen in Solo Mode, is now available at the Shop:

“A Field depiciting a hallway that has seen many Spellcasters come and go. The quest for magical knowledge never ends.”

Price: 600 gems.

Finally, the Structure Deck: Spellbook of Prophecy is also available at the shop:

“A “Spellbook” filled with various kinds of wisdom. Unleash the power of the spellcasters that use its powers! Your ace card “Hierophant of Prophecy” can be Xyz Summoned with 2 Level 7 Spellcaster-Type monsters, but depending on the situation you can call forth Synchro Monsters and Link Monsters.”

Price: 500 gems

Notably, the Structure Deck contains every single card included in the “Mastery of the Grimoire” Secret Pack, the now unbanned Spellbook of Judgment, and even some bonus cards, so if you like the Prophecy theme, it’s an absolute steal.