[Master Duel] S-Force Solo Mode and Tryout Duel

De Gozaru.

Three Tryout Duels have been announced, with the first one coming this week, and details for the second and third one being announced later:
-Tryout Duel / Double Deck 1
“In this event, you will need to create Event Decks each for both going first and going second. Your Deck will be automatically selected for the Duel based on whether you are going first going second.”
This event starts on June 2nd until June 5th (time zones applying)

-Tryout Duel / Rental Competition 4
This event starts on June 9th until June 12th (time zones applying)

-Tryout Duel / Struc-Custom 1
This event starts on June 30th until July 3rd (time zones applying)

-New Solo Mode Gate: Dimensional Observers of “S-Force”

“The mysterious secret society, “S-Force.” Their missions that transcend various spaces and time, are supported by agents with unique abilities. New agents for the next generation have been assembled to respond to the ever-expanding field of activities.”

By completing this Solo Mode Gate, you can obtain:
300 DARK Orbs
150 LIGHT Orbs
3 copies of S-Force Retroactive
3 copies of S-Force Lapcewell

1 Pack of S-Force Justify Protectors/Sleeves
1 S-Force Justify Icon
2 Legacy Pack Tickets
200 Gems

“Protectors that depict the commanding agent of the “S-Force,” donned in a suit providing him with superior attack and defense. For those who gaze upon the distant battle across time and space.”

“An Icon depicting the leader of the “S-Force.” His true intention in creating this grand organization may be tightly concealed much like the massive suit that hides his face.”

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