[Master Duel] November 9th Update

The borgar cometh.

-Card Report: New features
In addition to the existing features like the usage rate of a card, the card report can now include:
–Finisher Rank: Ranking of the number of times the monster reduced the opponent’s Life Points to 0 by battle or card effects.
–Win rate (when played: Win rate of Duels in which the monster was Normal or Special Summoned.
–Average battle damage: The average battle damage inflicted by the monster in one battle.

-New Secret Pack: Sisters of the Light

“Exorcise monsters with mystical power! The “Exosister” counters Graveyard-based tactics with a powerful and purifying effect. Furthermore, the holy “Artifact” armament excels in surprise tactics!”
This Secret Pack will be unlocked until December 5th (time zones applying), and until that time, you can get 1 pack for free.

UR (6/40):

SR (11/40):

R (11/40):

N (12/40):

-New Accessories:
–Protector: Stake your Soul!

“A protector depicting a lightning bolt that signals the beginning of a fierce battle by fighters. Get ready to stake your soul!”
Price: 100 Gems

–Icon: Vanquish Soul Razen

“An Icon depicting a fighter in a battle for his soul. Its specialty is its powerful kicks using the momentum generated by its equipment!”
Price: 50 Gems

–Wallpaper: Vanquish Soul Caesar Valius

“Known as the “Caesar,” he destroys fighters mercilessly. His incredible powers are soul-crushing.”
Price: 250 Gems

-New Selection Pack: Singularity Warrior

“Behold, the destined future has arrived! In addition to “Firewall Dragon Singularity,” which has gained the power of the singularity, the archetypes “Nouvelles,” which uses amazing tactics to exploit the opponent’s monsters, and “Vanquish Soul,” which specializes in unique combos with specially selected allies, are here! Dominate the Duel with a new strategy that defies even the raging storms!

UR (13/85):

SR (20/85):

R (22/85):

N (30/85):

Additionally, the following cards have been stealth-added to the Legacy Pack:

Don’t Slip, the Dogs of War

Full Active Duplex

Rose Papillon

-New Event: Ritual Festival

The Ritual Festival will take place from November 13th to November 24th (time zones applying). You can earn medals by playing Duels and you can obtain the following rewards according to the number of medals you have:
50 to 11000 medal threshold: a total of 1900 gems
12000 to 21000 medal threshold: a total of 20 Legacy Pack tickets
Additionally, at the following thresholds, you can get these rewards:

5500 Medals: Contract with the Abyss Field Parts

“Field Parts of a strange, ominous aura. You feel as if a horrific otherworldly entity could jump from within at any time.”

22000 Medals: Ritual Festival 2023 Title

“A Title given to Duelists who have passed the Ritual of Contract and achieved noteworthy results. The souls that have been tributed and passed down will become a new power, elevating your tactics.”

The following Secret Packs “featuring cards and archetypes suitable for use in the event” will be unlocked for a limited time:
Souls of Sublime Gods (Cyber Angels and Shinobirds)
Miraculous Advent (Heralds, Ruin/Demise, Sauravis, Megalith)
Rites of the Mirrorworld (Nekroz, Gishki)

These packs are already unlocked, and will be unlocked until November 27th (time zones applying), which is just a little longer than the duration of the event.

The following Forbidden/Limited List will be applied for the event:

-All Fusion Monsters except: Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon, Dragon Master Knight, Master of Chaos, Millennium-Eyes Restrict, Thousand-Eyes Restrict, Patissciel Couverture
-All Synchro Monsters, except Herald of the Arc Light
-All Xyz Monsters, except Drytron Mu Beta Fafnir
-All Link Monsters, except: Avendread Savior, Cross Sheep, Cyberse Witch, Dyna Mondo, Herald of Mirage Lights, Linkmail Archfiend, Nephthys, the Sacred Flame, Nephthys, the Sacred Preserver

Qliphort Scout

Absolute King Back Jack
Altergeist Meluseek
Altergeist Multifaker
Archlord Kristya
Archnemeses Eschatos
Archnemeses Protos
Armed Samurai – Ben Kei
Barrier Statue of the Abyss
Barrier Statue of the Drought
Barrier Statue of the Heavens
Barrier Statue of the Inferno
Barrier Statue of the Torrent
Bystial Baldrake
Bystial Druiswurm
Bystial Magnamhut
Des Koala
Dimension Shifter
Dinomight Knight, the True Dracoslayer
Dogoran, the Mad Flame Kaiju
Droll & Lock Bird
Eater of Millions
Eldlich the golden Lord
Endymion, the Mighty Master of Magic
Floowandereeze & Eglen
Floowandereeze & Empen
Fog King
Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo
Gadarla, the Mystery Dust Kaiju
Gizmek Orochi, the serpentron Sky Slasher
Guard Dog
Herald of Green Light
Herald of Orange Light
Jizukiru, the Star Destroying Kaiju
Kashtira Fenrir
Kashtira Ogre
Kashtira Unicorn
Keldo the Sacred Protector
Knightmare Corruptor Iblee
Jowgen the Spiritualist
Inspector Boarder
Lilith, Lady of the Lament
Link Apple
Maxx “C”
Majesty Pegasus, the Dracoslayer
Mudora the Sword Oracle
Mythical Beast Master Cerberus
Naturia Bamboo Shoot
Ocean Dragon Lord – Kairyu Shin
Pandora’s Jewelry Box
Planet Pathfinder
Radian, the Multidimensional Kaiju
Retaliating “C”
Sandaion, the Timelord
Satellarknight Alsahm
Sephylon, the Ultimate Timelord
Servant of Endymion
Serziel, Watcher of the Evil Eye
Sonic Jammer
Spell Canceller
Stealth Bird
Subterror Guru
The Bystial Alba Los
The Bystial Lubellion
Thunder King, the Lightningstrike Kaiju
Thunder King Rai-Oh
Vanity’s Fiend
Vanity’s Ruler
Whirlwind Weasel
Zap Mustang

Card of Demise
Cauldron of the Old Man
Chain Strike
Chicken Game
Cybernetic Fusion Support
Dark Snake Syndrome
Dimensional Fissure
Double-Edged Sword
Fire Prison
Foolish Burial Goods
Generaider Boss Stage
Hippo Carnival
Into the Void
Kashtira Birth
Kaiser Colosseum
Kyoutou Waterfront
Lair of Darkness
Magical Mallet
Messenger of Peace
Pacifis, the Phantasm City
Pot of Desires
Pot of Duality
Performapal Popperup
Psychic Blade
Rite of Aramesir
Secret Village of the Spellcasters
Super Hippo Carnival
Terminal World
Terminal World Next
That Grass Looks greener
Upstart goblin
White Veil

And the Band Played On
Anti-Spell Fragrance
Bad Luck Blast
Bad Reaction to Simochi
Banquet of Millions
Blasting the Ruins
Big Welcome Labrynth
Chain Burst
D.D. Dynamite
Deck Devastation Virus
Destruction of Destiny
Dimensional Barrier
Eradicator Epidemic Virus
Extinction on Schedule
Evenly Matched
Grave of the Super Ancient Organism
Gozen Match
Invincibility Barrier
Kozaky’s Self-Destruct Button
Macro Cosmos
Mask of Restrict
Pinpoint Dash
Powersink Stone
Relay Soul
Ring of Destruction
Rivalry of Warlords
Secret Barrel
Secret Blast
Simul Archfiends
Skill Drain
Spatial Collapse
Spiritual Fire Art – Kurenai
Summon Limit
Synchro Zone
The Monarchs Erupt
Trap Trick
Welcome Labrynth

Drytron Alpha Thuban
Drytron Zeta Aldhibah

Herald of the Arc Light

Cyberse Witch

Drytron Fafnir
Mikanko Water Arabesque

Compulsory Evacuation Device
Ice Dragon’s Prison
Solemn Judgment
Solemn Strike
Solemn Warning
Trap Tracks

The following Loaner Decks will be available for the event:
-White Dragon of Chaos ☆1

“Difficulty level ☆1
A Deck that uses “Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon” as its ace card. Send “The White Stone of Ancients” to the Graveyard with the effect of “Dragon Shrine” or other methods to quickly play a “Blue-Eyes” Monster. After making preparations with effects such as that of “Blue-Eyes Abyss Dragon,” Ritual Summon “Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon”.” Then, utilize its high ATK and potent effects to strike all at once.”

-Popped out of a Comic ☆2

“Difficulty level ☆2
A “Libromancer” Deck that specializes in continuous Ritual Summoning. “Libromancer First Apperance” will be the key to deploying your tactics, so make sure to quickly line up cards such as “Libromancer Origin Story.” After making preparations, Ritual Summon cards like “Libromancer Doombroker” and “Libromancer Fireburst,” then launch and offensive strike. When doing so, by using the monsters on the field as materials, the “Libromancer” Ritual Monsters will activate an additional effect! Try it for yourself!”

-Special Full Course Meal ☆3

“Difficulty Level ☆3
A “Nouvelles” Deck that utilizes even your opponent’s monsters. Make preparations with cards like “Nouvelles Restaurant “At Table”,” while Special Summoning low-Level “Nouvelles” Ritual Monsters. Among them, “Balameuniere de Nouvelles” can Special Summon the ace monster “Baelgrill de Nouvelles,” so the first step to victory is to Special Summon this monster. Furthermore, if “Hungry Burger” is Special Summoned with the effect of “Balegrill de Nouvelles,” the powerful effect of “Chef’s Special Recipe” in the Graveyard can also be activated. Keep that in mind when making decisive moves.”

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  • November 9, 2023 at 5:15 am

    They couldn’t have done something for the ancient gear fans like making a exclusive fusion or something.

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      The hell is bro talking about

    • November 9, 2023 at 1:25 pm

      in master duel? no??

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    Ancient gears are forgotten….

  • November 10, 2023 at 8:32 am

    Props to fully writing out the festival banlist, other sites have stopped doing it and it’s annoying.


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