[Master Duel] New F/L List and Mystery Card Forbidden for Xyz Festival

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A mystery card has been Forbidden for the Xyz Festival event currently being held on Master Duel. Why is it a mystery? Because they forgot to list it in the announcement about it, and at the time of writing this article, this still hasn’t been edited:

The card in question is, of course, Flying “C”: a very disruptive card in an event centered around Xyz Summons. The card in question has been Forbidden, as it was usually the case for Xyz Festival events. The Japanese announcement did include the card name.:

EDIT: They have now added the name to the announcement.

As a reminder, both the Legend Anthology and the Xyz Festival events are now available. The recently added missions focused on the Xyz Festival (destroy 10 cards, Duel 20 times, Xyz Summon 30 times) as well as the existing missions for the Legend Anthology overlap across either event, so if you feel more comfortable in one event than the other, you can finish your event missions there.

As for the new Forbidden/Limited List, it will apply on February 28th (time zones applying), with the following changes:


Fusion Destiny
Runick Destruction
Runick Freezing Curses
Runick Slumber

No longer Limited:
Genex Ally Birdman
Orcust Harp Horror
Thunder Dragonroar

As usual, there will be a bonus for dismantling cards for which the number of maximum copies has been reduced, from February 28th to April 10th.

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