[Master Duel] New Duel Pass & Limit One Missions

GOAT mate.

The Duel Pass in Master Duel has reset, and for the next 75 days you can earn points by Dueling to obtain gems, crafting points and finally a Warrior Dai Grepher icon at Level 50:

Additionally, if you purchase the Duel Pass (Gold) for 800 gems, you can obtain your 800 gems back along with even more crafting points, a Mekk-Knight Crusadia Avramax monster art wallpaper at Level 50, and a Scapegoat Mate at Level 100:

Furthermore, missions for the Limit One Festival have been added, including:
Special Summon a monster in Exhibition (50 times)
Normal Summon a monster in Exhibition (50 times)
Destroy a card in Exhibition (30 times)
Duel in Exhibition (10 times)

Each of these awards a total of 250 gems.

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