[Master Duel] New Duel Pass for June 2023

The green counterpart to the Spright Blue mate.

After the expiration of the previous Duel Pass, the new Duel Pass for the next 77 days in Master Duel has been introduced. By leveling up the Normal Duel Pass to Level 50, you can obtain the following rewards:
-300 Gems
-30 UR points
-30 SR points
-30 R points
-27 N points
-1 Springans Rockey Icon (at Level 50)

“An Icon depicting one of the “Springans,” a band that travels the vast sandy sea in search of treasure. They speed through the currents like a bullet and their journey continues beyond the horizon.”

For the Duel Pass (Gold)

-100 UR points
-100 SR points
-80 R points
-80 N points
-700 Gems (recovering its price of 700 gems)

At Level 25, you can obtain a Yellow Icon Frame

“The yellow Icon Frame evokes a shining light. The stronger the light, the stronger the shadow.”

At Level 50, you can obtain a Number F0: Utopic Draco Future Monster Art

“Am emperor of the future who carries with him memories of hope. When unleashed, he shall take us to a new future and the beginning of a new Heaven and Earth.”

At Level 75, you can obtain a PSY-Framegear Gamma Mate

“One of the autonomous amplifiers operated by a Psychic soldier. It looks liable to unleash its electric superpowers and shut down the opponent.”

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