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[Master Duel] New Duel Pass and Theme Chronicle Missions

Anniversary stuff still nowhere to be seen.

-Theme Chronicle
Extra Missions have been added for the Theme Chronicle event:
Win 10 Duels in Exhibition (total 100 gems)
Destroy 10 cards in Exhibition (total 100 gems)

Needless to say, this totals 200 gems.

-New Duel Pass
After the expiration of the previous Duel Pass, the new Duel Pass for the next 74 days (1 day longer than before) in Master Duel has been introduced. By leveling up the Normal Duel Pass to Level 50, you can obtain the following rewards:
-300 Gems
-30 UR points
-30 SR points
-30 R points
-27 N points
-1 Yuki-Onna, the Absolute Zero Mayakashi Icon (at Level 50)

“An Icon depicting a monster who has unleashed her power after a lengthy period of lying in wait. With icicles that can freeze a roaring blaze, she banishes everything in her wake to absolute zero.”

For the Duel Pass (Gold)

-100 UR points
-100 SR points
-80 R points
-80 N points
-700 Gems (recovering its price of 700 gems)

At Level 25, you can obtain a Purple Icon Frame

“A Purple Icon Frame reminiscent of terrifying darkness. Whether you are swallowed in the darkness or resist the darkness…your strength will be tested.”

At Level 50, you can obtain a Meteonis Dtrytron Monster Art

“The brilliance of the dragon who hails from a galaxy far away. Its dazzling radiance is as beautiful as a brilliant shooting star.”

At Level 75, you can obtain a Kuriboh Mate

“A monster that is said to have fought alongside the legendary King of Games. Don’t let its low ATK and cutesy appearance deceive you — word is that many special abilities dwell within it.”

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