[Master Duel] March 9th Update

Time for girl Nibiru.

-Duelist Cup March 2023
As previously announced, a new Duelist Cup will take place from March 15th to March 27th. The 2nd stage will begin on March 24th. Prizes have not been announced yet.

Additionally, those leveling up up to DLv. 4 will increase their DLv. even if they lose a match.

-New Selection Pack: Strong Will
“In addition to the new “G Golem” archetype, which utilizes link arrows for both attack and defense, there are a number of new cards that give new brilliance to “Gem-Knight” and “Crystal Beast,” as well as ancient angels that manipulate this world and the underworld to bring about reversed destinies! Regardless of whether you opt for solid defense or tricky tactics, the strength of your will as a Duelist will be tested!”

UR (13/85):

SR (17/85):

R (20/85):

N (35/85):

-New accessories:
–Field Parts: Twin Twisters

“A field part that resembles two raging tornadoes. Occasionally, you see glimpses of items within the raging wind, but rarely will any cards be released from the vortex.”
Price: 100 gems

–Mate’s Base: Catapult turtle

“A Stand built in the image of a mechanical tortoise’s shell. This is not for shooting projectiles, but can be used as a sturdy base for various purposes.”
Price: 100 gems

–Protector: Kurikara Divincarnate

“Protectors depicting a deity of a far-off world. For those who seek to turn the tide of battle with a divine strike from their blade”
Price: 100 gems

–Icon: Kurikara Divincarnate

“An Icon depicting a god’s avatar, taking form of a young girl. Would the world be worthy of salvation upon her eyes? The answer remains untold.”

Price: 50 gems

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