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[Master Duel] June 10th update

Some BODE, Nephthys and more.

New Selection Pack: Valiant Wings
The new “Exosister” Archetype is joining the ranks as a powerful Deck that stops Graveyard effects in their tracks. The “Rokket” archetype will also receive a boost in the form of an all-new “Borrel” Link Monster!

The set contains 80 cards and primarily consists of cards from Burst of Destiny and the Structure Deck R: Lost Sanctuary (which was included in Ghosts from the Past: The 2nd Haunting in the TCG)

UR (10/80):

SR (15/80):

*Notably, Night’s End Administrator is another TCG premiere being introduced to Master Duel before it arrives to the TCG.

R (20/80):

N (35/80):

Additionally, these accessories are available in the shop:
Duel Field: The Desolate Temple (600 gems)

Icon: True King of All Calamities (50 gems)

New Gates have been added to Solo Mode
“Worshippers of the Sacred Phoenix”

Clearing this solo mode will award:
3 copies of Ritual Sealing
3 copies of Brushfire Knight
3 copies of Samsara

150 FIRE orbs
150 WIND orbs
A set of “Nephthys, the Sacred Flame” protectors/sleeves
A “Nephthys, the Sacred Flame” icon
2 Legacy Pack tickets
200 Gems

Additionally, new cards have been added to the Legacy Pack:

TCG imports from DAMA:
Baby Mudragon (SR)
Pazuzule (R)

Free agent cards from BODE:
Penguin Squire (R)
Penguin Ninja (R)
Penguin Cleric (R)
Royal Penguins Garden (SR)
Mimicking Man-Eater Bug (R)
Fengli the Soldrapom (R)
Undaunted Bumpkin Beast (SR)
Meowseclick (SR)
Outstanding Dog Mary (R)
Laundry Trap (SR)

V-JUMP subscription promos/Ghosts from the Past 2 imports:
Leraje, God of Archery (R)
Puppet Queen (R)
Motor Shell (N)

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