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[Master Duel] Duelist Cup Extra Mission and New Accessories

Get more gems and spend them right away.

-Duelist Cup Dec 2022
A new mission has been unlocked for the Duelist Cup: Duel 20 times, for a total of 200 gems.

-New accessories
Field Parts: Summon Limit

“Field Parts based on a contraption that seals away things that appear from a magic circle. Getting out of it is a lot harder than it is to get in.”

Price: 100 gems

Mate’s Base: Destiny Signal

“A Stand which sends the signal of the heroes who are said to surpass the power of Elemental HEROES. Its guiding light will shine through even when defeat looms.”

Price: 100 gems

Protector: The Weather Forecast

“Protectors that depict a group of fairies preparing to paint weather patterns. For those who treasure their tools, and are consistent with their care.”

Price: 100 gems

Icon: The Weather Painter Moonbow

“An Icon depicting another form of the fairy who harnesses the seven colors of the rainbow to paint the sky. Even at night, a rainbow shining under the moonlight is a message of compassion that bestows blessings on the world.”

Price: 50 gems

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