[Master Duel] Duel Pass Renewal and New Duel Pass Gold

With some modifications.

After the expiration of the previous Duel Pass, the new Duel Pass for the next 75 days in Master Duel has been introduced. By leveling up the Normal Duel Pass to Level 50, you can obtain the following rewards:
-300 Gems
-30 UR points
-30 SR points
-30 R points
-27 N points
-1 SPYRAL Quik-Fix Icon (at Level 50)

“An Icon depicting a researcher who belongs to a certain secret organization. Whenever the gears in his head start to spin, powerful new tools for agents come into creation.”

(The amount of rewards is the same, only the icon is new)

The Duel Pass Gold has received some modifications:
-The Duel Pass Gold now costs 700 gems instead of 800 gems.
-The amount of gems you can obtain by leveling up the Duel Pass Gold to Level 100 has been reduced accordingly, for a total of 700 gems, once again matching the initial price you paid for it.
-The amount of crafting points has been reduced accordingly as well:

-100 UR points (from 120)
-100 SR points (from 120)
-80 R points (from 120)
-80 N points (from 112)

-Aside from the new Mate and Monster Art, a third cosmetic can be obtained, in the form of a blue Icon Frame, at Level 25:

“A Blue Icon Frame reminiscent of clear water. Like a mirror without cloudiness, like quiet water, duelists sharpen their spirits.”

A Monster Art wallpaper of Elemental HERO Honest Neos can be obtained at Level 50:

“A hero who was given the wings of spirits. It shall triumph with the powers of the universe and friendship.”

A Bitron Mate can be obtained at Level 75 instead of Level 100:

“A new type of Monster that was discovered in the digital world. Little is known about it, but it’s very expressive nonetheless.”

Just for reference, the first Duel Pass Gold costed 600 gems, offered 600 gems back, 100 UR points, 100 SR points, 90 R points and 72 N points. Then we got the 800 gems one (returning 800 gems, 120 UR, 120 SR, 120 R and 112 N). So the current one (700 gems, 100 UR, 100 SR, 80 R, 80 N, plus an Icon Frame) is a middle ground between those two.

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