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[Master Duel] Deck Building

Build your own release date.

A new video about Master Duel has been released, talking about the Deck Building options.

You can have up to 20 Decks.

Each Deck can have a number of cosmetics assigned to it:

Card Case

Card Protectors or sleeves. We can see some new designs like Geartown or Ash Blossom & Joyous Spring.

Duel Fields.

You can assign up to 3 main cards to better recognize your Deck, specially if you have many similar Decks that only vary in some key cards.

We can see two other cosmetics in that menu: field parts and mate base. The mate base should be self explanatory. As for the field parts, from the Deck selection screen we can see:

that the field parts seem to be the parts of the field that let you access the GY and banished cards menus, like this one:

Public Decks:

As previously reported, you will be able to find public Decks to use as reference. We can now see these can be categorized to be found easier and you can verify which cards you already own for this Deck.

You can also check how to obtain a card you might be missing.

Deck can also have tags and while most are blurred out, the video highlights the possibility of finding Decks from YCS champions with this tag.

Card dismantling and generation:

As previously reported, you can generate cards by using certain materials that you can obtain through Dueling, missions and dismantling other cards. In this example, we can see that dismantling a Rare card gives you +10 materials and generating it requires 30 of that same material, so much like the previous example with Super Rares, it takes 3 Rare cards to generate 1 Rare card.

We can also see that what was reported on the previous Japanese stream as 加工 seems to be the “finish” of the card, in other words its foiling, although they also call it “process” which…may be because it’s running on a development build?

You can check the video here.

The next video will be released on January the 15th.