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[Master Duel] December 26th Update

Terrors of Christmas leftovers.

-Video Game Awards 2022 Commemoration
In order to commemorate Master Duel winning awards (Best Multiplayer and Partner Awards 2022 Japan Asia) at the VGA 2022, you can obtain a pack of protectors by logging in before Jan 31st.

“A Protector with the design to commemorate winning video game awards in 2022. With gratitude to all Duelists around the world who support “Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL.””

-New Accessories:
Protector: Dinomorphia Frenzy

“Protectors with an image of dinosaurs marching through flames, in a world far more advanced than our own. For those with an indomitable will, who are determined to overcome even extinction.”
Price: 100 gems

Icon: White Relic of Dogmatika

“An Icon depicting a virtuous woman from a dogmatic nation, newly appointed to her station. With cold eyes and a faint smile, she walks alongside the funeral procession.”
Price: 50 gems

-New Selection Pack: Beginning of Turmoil
“A number of cards are being re-released! These include cards related to the Tuner Token Synchro Summons of the “Swordsoul” archetype, the Fusion Summon mastery of the “Despia” archetype, and the ATK-repressing effects of the “Icejade” archetype. In addition to “Icejade,” new cards for “Dinomorphia” and “Gunkan” are now available, so be sure to bolster the Decks you have, or build entirely new ones!”

UR (13/85):

SR (17/85):

R (20/85):

N (35/85):

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