[Master Duel] August 09th Update

AKA August 4th update: Part 2.

-Updated Decks in Solo Mode
Some chapters of the following Solo Mode gates had their Loaner Decks or opponent’s Decks updated:
–The Warriors of the Six Elemental Lords
–The Secret Powers ofthe Planet
–Worshippers of the Sacred Phoenix
–Duel Strategy 2

-New Solo Mode Gate: The Invincible Beetroopers

By clearing this Solo Mode Gate, you can obtain:
–3 copies of Beetrooper Light Flapper
–3 copies of Beetrooper Assault Roller
–3 copies of Heavy Beetrooper Mighty Neptune
–3 copies of Beetrooper Fly & Sting

–150 WIND orbs
–1 Giant Beetrooper Invincible Atlas set of Protectors/Sleeves
–1 Beetrooper Sting Lancer Icon
–2 Legacy Pack Tickets
–200 Gems

-Additional Deck Slots:
New Lifetime Missions have been added to increase the number of Deck slots in the Deck editor:

In other words, by winning 40 Duels you get 5 extra Deck slots total.

-New accessories:
–Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Mate

“One of the three dragons that were sealed far away in the depths of the sacred mountains of the Ice Barrier. Its power is said to be the greatest and most fearsome of the three. If it were to ever be unleashed, could it save the world from destruction? Or would it be the cause of ruin itself?”
Price: 300 gems

–Vivid Abyssal Waters Field

“A field of paradise where marine life lives peacefully. The remains of cities left underwater are now playgrounds for fish.”
Price: 600 gems

–EARTH Protector/Sleeve

“Protectors that depict the groundbreaking power of the EARTH attribute. Perfect for those who wish to Duel with a stone-cold plan.”
Price: 100 gems

–Token Collector Protector/Sleeve

“A Protector that depicts a young goblin enjoying his Token collection. For those who miss the memories of your childhood.”
Price: 100 gems

–Destiny HERO – Destroyer Phoenix Enforcer Icon

“An Icon depicting a “HERO” that decides the fate of the future. They transcend the fate of death and destruction, and soar back like a phoenix.”
Price: 50 gems

-New Selection Pack: Invincible Raid
“”Beetroopers” deploy Insect-Type monsters to wild Link and Fusion Monsters. “Dinomorphia” spend LP (Life Points) to concentrate on powerful effects through trap Cards. Both are now available as new archetypes!
And of course, don’t forget about the “D/D” monsters that can become your new trump card, as well as “Nordic” cards that provide crucial support to “Aesir” monsters!”

Set size: 85 cards
UR (13/85):

SR (17/85):

R (20/85):

N (35/85):

Price per pack: 100 gems

For those keeping track, this set is 5 cards larger than the previous ones, with 3 of those being UR and 2 being SR. The set premieres the Beetrooper theme a whole month before it releases in the OCG, along with the BODE TCG premieres Night Sword Serpent and Apex Predation.

-EDIT: Legacy Pack update
The following cards have been stealth added to the Legacy Pack:

Dark Dimension Soldier
Heavy Beetrooper Mighty Neptune (obtainable in the Solo Mode)
Beetrooper Fly & Sting (obtainable in the Solo Mode)

Beetrooper Assault Roller (obtainable in the Solo Mode)
Beetrooper Light Flapper (obtainable in the Solo Mode)
Kaiza the Hidden Star
Skilled Brown Magician
XYZ Combine

-Duelist Cup
Event Missions:

Activate Spell/Trap Cards (100 times total): 250 gems
Normal or Special Summon monsters (200 times total): 250 gems
Duel in Duelist Cup (50 times total): 500 gems

You will gain these prizes as your DLv. increases in the 1st stage:
DLv. 2: 100 gems
DLv. 3: 2x Duelist Cup Reward Tickets
DLv. 4: 100 gems
DLv. 5: DC 2022 August Celebration Protector/Sleeve
DLv. 6: 100 gems
DLv. 7: 3x Duelist cup Reward Tickets
DLv. 8: 100 gems
DLv. 9: 100 gems
DLv. 10: 200 gems
DLv. 11: 100 gems
DLv. 12: 100 gems
DLv. 13: 100 gems
DLv. 14: 100 gems
DLv. 15: 5x Duelist Cup Reward Tickets
DLv. 16: 100 gems
DLv. 17: 200 gems
DLv. 18: 100 gems
DLv. 19: 100 gems
DLv. MAX: 300 gems

Total: 1900 gems, 10 Duelist Cup Reward tickets and the Protector/Sleeves

Prizes for the 2nd stage:
10001th place and beyond:
DC 2022 August 2nd Stage Duelist title
5x Duelist Cup Reward Ticket

1001th place to 10000th place:
DC 2022 August Bronze Finalist Icon
DC 2022 August Top 10000 title
10x Duelist Cup Reward Ticket

501th place to 1000th place:
DC 2022 August Bronze Finalist Icon
DC 2022 August Top 1000 title
10x Duelist Cup Reward Ticket

101th place to 500th place:
DC 2022 August Bronze Finalist Icon
DC 2022 August Top 500 title
10x Duelist Cup Reward Ticket

11th place to 100th place:
DC 2022 August Silver Finalist Icon
DC 2022 August Top 100 title
15x Duelist Cup Reward Ticket

1st place to 10th place:
DC 2022 August Gold Finalist Icon
DC 2022 August Top 10 title
20x Duelist Cup Reward Ticket

Contents for the Duelist Pack Reward Ticket:
“Card Packs that can be purchased with the tickets earned from participating int he Duelist Cup. Get some nostalgic and interesting cards to commemorate the event!”

UR (4/40):

SR (8/40):

R (12/40):

N (16/40):

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