[Duel Links] May Schedule

I hope you like the Mask Hunters and Kalin. And Odion.

Early May

  • Duel School Challenge to get exclusive rewards
  • Tag Duel Tournament returns, with a chance to unlock a pair of characters who go “Your Egyptian God Cards will belong to us”
  • Solemn Odion arrives with “Statue of Anguish Pattern” (UR) and “The First Monarch” (SR)
  • WCS 2019 Qualifier Celeberation! Road to Worlds Campaign!

Mid May

  • Tabletop RPG: Monster World, Unlock Tristan and get a new Yami Bakura skill
  • Complete Tour Guide’s Bingo to get Gems and SR Card Tickets
  • Mark of the Dark Signer. Fill up your Duel Meter to obtain “Infernity Cards”

Late May

  • Duel Links World Championship Qualifiers
  • Duel Quest, Earn Gems and Card Tickets

Game Updates:
– Duel each other for points in “Point Battles” in Duel Rooms
– Room search feature has been improved

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