More Japanese Names for the World Premiere Pack [WPP4]

Most are just the same, but a few are interesting.

WPP4-JP046 炎魔の触媒[ザラマンデル・カタライザー] Zalamander Catalyzer (Kanji: Catalyst of Fire Magic)

WPP4-JP047 ミナイルカ Minairuka

WPP4-JP048 彗聖の将-ワンモア・ザ・ナイト Suisei no Shou – Onemore The Knight (General of the Sacred Comet – Onemore the Knight/TCG: Moissa Knight, the Comet General)

WPP4-JP049 共命の翼ガルーラ Kyoumei no Tsubasa Garura (Garura, Wings of Resonant Life)

Note: It’s a bird because the word 共鳴 (Kyoumei, i.e. Resonance) includes 鳥 in the name

WPP4-JP051 魔螂ディアボランティス Marou Diabolantis (Diabolantis the Demonic Mantis/TCG: Diabolantis the Menacing Mantis)

WPP4-JP053 召煌女クインクエリ Shoukoujo Quinquery (Summoned Shining Imperial Princess Quinquery/TCG: Imperial Princess Quinquery)

WPP4-JP054 ピットナイト・アーリィ Pitknight Earlie

WPP4-JP055 呪縛衆 Jubakushuu (Spellbound)

WPP4-JP061 魔砲戦機ダルマ・カルマ Mahou Senki Daruma Karma (Magical Cannon Armed War Machine Daruma Karma/TCG: Destructive Daruma Karma Cannon)

WPP4-JP062 奇異界開 Kiikaikai (The Door to a Strange New World/TCG: How Did Dai Get Here?)


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One thought on “More Japanese Names for the World Premiere Pack [WPP4]

  • September 9, 2023 at 4:57 am

    waiting for peoples to figure out that using Diabolantis and Superheavy Samurai Prodigy Wakaushi you have a 1 card combo into Instant fusion


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