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[OCG] Other OCG/Rush Subscription Promos, Next VJump Promo

With something of a Joey vibe.
Using order forms from the next VJump, people will be able to order both the Prismatic Special Pack with 3 OCG cards, and the Victory Pack Legendary Red-Eyes with 3 Rush cards.

Prismatic Special Pack:

Toki no Madoushi*/Time Magus
LIGHT/Level 5/Fusion
*The “Madoushi” here is yet another different way to say Magician. Incidentally, the original Time Wizard used “Majutsushi”, the form that would later be used for the Pendulum monster archetype.

Harpie Lady Scratch Clash
WIND/Level 8/Synchro
TL note: A nod to both the OCG name for Cyber Harpie Lady (Harpie Lady SB) and Harpie Lady’s manga attack name.

Jinzouningen – Psycho Layer (Android – Psycho Layer)/Jinzo – Layer
DARK/Rank 6/Xyz

Victory Pack Legendary Red-Eyes:

Red-Eyes Black Dragon (Legend Card, Rush Rare)
Black Dragon’s Chick
Inferno Fire Blast

And finally, the next VJump promo:

Hundred Dragon
WIND/Level 4
The blurb simply mentions it’s a new form of Baby Dragon from the original series.

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One of the other translators. Drops rare items before scuttling away.