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[MACR] Sneak Preview Mat and Check List

Confirming what the 20 additional cards are, at least card type wise.

Firstly, the Sneak Preview has the chance of getting your hands on this Supreme King Z-ARC mat:

As well, we can confirm the Type identities of the following 20 Imports and TCG World Premieres

MACR-EN081 = Xyz Monster
MACR-EN082 = Effect Monster
MACR-EN083 = Effect Monster
MACR-EN084 = Effect Monster
MACR-EN085 = Trap Card
MACR-EN086 = Effect Monster
MACR-EN087 = Effect Monster
MACR-EN088 = Spell Card
MACR-EN089 = Trap Card
MACR-EN090 = Spell Card
MACR-EN091 = Effect Monster
MACR-EN092 = Normal Pendulum Monster
MACR-EN093 = Xyz Monster
MACR-EN094 = Effect Monster
MACR-EN095 = Normal Pendulum Monster
MACR-EN096 = Normal Pendulum Monster
MACR-EN097 = Ritual Monster
MACR-EN098 = Spell Card
MACR-EN099 = Trap Card


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