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[TCG] Machine Reactor and Dinosmasher’s Fury Albums

The European Facebook in its venture to provide clean and easy picture albums, has updated with the new Structure Decks

Dinosmasher’s Fury Structure Deck

Noteworthy here that you can read is that the following have had their text updated to match their recent OCG updates:

  • Gilasaurus
  • Ultimate Tyranno
  • Swords of Concealing Light

Gilasaurus has been updated and streamline its text by making it an If Mandatory effect.

Ultimate Tyranno has been made non mandatory to avoid game breaking infinite loops.

Swords of Concealing Light has been updated to match the OCG ruling reversal that switched it back from its ruling at a recent World Championship.

For more information about these changes in Japan, check here.

Machine Reactor Structure Deck

The only noteworthy thing here for those following text changes in the Albums, is the TCG has once again after multiple chances of updating its text, has once again failed to update the text of “Maxx “C”“.

For TCG players who don’t follow Japan, the main issue is this:

You can only use 1 “Maxx “C”” per turn.

is erronous text that has been failed to be updated. In Japan, its text is the following


which translates to:

You can only use the effect of “Maxx “C”” once per turn.

The main difference is players should be, if the TCG would update the text correctly, able to discard Maxx “C” from their hand and then use cards like Junk Synchron, Call of the Haunted and Soul Charge. If you follow the text literally as written in the TCG, you can’t do that.

Considering the changes to cards like Mecha Dogoran and the updates of the cards in Dinosmasher’s Fury were done in a *relatively* timely manner, the failure to update Maxx “C” for so long is just baffling.


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