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[Duel Links] Fortress of Gears Mini-Box

New Mini-Box announced containing new cards for Machina, Vision HERO, Aki, Jack, Aromage and Black Luster Soldier

Fortress of Gears

Machina Fortress activate!
Control the future with Vision HEROes!

Ultra Rare

Machina Fortress
Vision HERO Faris
Ballista Squad

Super Rare

Hot Red Dragon Archfiend Bane
Splendid Rose
Machina Gearframe
Vision HERO Increase
Super Soldier Soul
Envoy of Chaos
Red Sprinter
Sky Striker Maneuver – Jamming Waves!
Humid Winds
Wall of Thorns


Machina Megaform
Vision HERO Minimum Ray
Beginning Knight
Evening Twilight Knight
Synkron Resonator
Red Warg
Aromage Marjoram
Cactus Fighter
Power Giant
Resonator Engine
Resonant Destruction
Super Soldier Shield
Dried Winds
Synchro Call


Vision HERO Multiply Guy
Vision HERO Gravito
Creation Resonator
Aromage Laurel
Phantom King Hydride
Wall of Ivy
Metal Guardian
Bio Plant
Barrel Lily
Vision Fusion
Vision Release
Aroma Gardening
Super Soldier Rebirth
Red Supremacy
Blessed Winds


Mecha Phantom Beast Concoruda
Force Resonator
Spell Absorption
Machina Soldier
Double Resonator
Wodan the Resident of the Forest
King Scarlet
Chain Healing



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