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Tidbits of Sylvan and Ghostrick Lore from the LVAL Booster Pack Guide

According to Japanese Sources, the Booster Pack Guide contains story information on the Sylvan and Ghostrick archetypes.

About the Sylvans:
They’re spirits that dwell inside the plants of the forest surrounding the Sacred Mountain (Sacred Sylvan Peak). These spirits protect the forest.

Sylvan Peaskeeper:
These identical Peaskeepers are scattered all over the Sylvan Forest, serving as a surveillance team that watches for foreign invaders and warns their nearby comrades about them.

Sylvan Stoolhouette:
He generally helps drive out invaders alongside Oark, otherwise, he can found asleep under the shade of a tree as a mushroom.

Sylvan Leaflow:
A Sylvan spirit that dwells inside clusters of leaves. It lives by the forest waterfront, watching it change.

Sylvan Flowerknight:
An elegant and graceful Sylvan spirit who helps drive out invaders when they appear.

Sylvan Treefender Oark:
He has an intimidating appearance, and stays at the forest entrance to drive away any from the outside world who enter the Sylvan Forest.

Sylvan Spiritree Regia:
He’s a giant Sylvan tree with bright red flowers that can be seen from outside the forest. Although he can’t move on his own, he’s a sage who imparts the knowledge and wisdom he’s gathered over the years.

Sylvan Morigami Alsei
He is an incredible Guardian Spirit who possesses immense strength, and those who have incurred his wrath have ended up being flung far into the horizon. While Regia gathers wisdom and knowledge, he has built up vast wells of power and strength.

Sacred Sylvan Peak:
This holy mountain that the Sylvan spirits protect is said to be where the spirits are born.

Sylvan’s Blessing:
The Sylvans rush from all over the forest to watch over and care for a new life.

Ghostrick Frost:
He’s a ghost that’s weak to the heat, but nowadays, he spends all his time in the museum, which has working air-conditioners.

Ghostrick Mary:
Though she dwells inside this dresser, the dresser is animated by magic and does whatever it wants, without ever listening to her.

Ghostrick Catgirl:
She always makes sure to clean up after the gang’s done pranking. She wanders the halls in human form during the day.

Ghostrick Mummy:
Having slept alone for so many thousands of years on his own, he loves being with friends more than anything. As a result, he always looks forward to Alucard’s gang showing up.

Ghostrick Skeleton:
He’s hidden among the Museum exhibits as an ordinary skeleton, so no one ever notices him.

Ghostrick Dullahan:
A knight who knows his stuff, he’s in charge of the Ghostricks in the Museum. He can usually be seen in the Museum halls as a suit of armor on display.

Ghostrick Museum:
The Ghostricks who appeared in Legacy of the Valiant lie hidden inside this museum, pretending to be exhibits. The illustration on the card shows the Ghostricks there late-at-night in the museum being visited by “Ghostrick Witch”. Ghostrick Mummy damages one of the exhibits and ends up being scolded by her.

Ghostrick Roleshift:
This card seems to show “Ghostrick Skeleton” leaving the museum to go to the Haunted House, with his mind on playing pranks, and well, his frolicking got him into a mess. Now the mechanisms in the town’s Haunted House are moving by themselves, the dolls set around the place have disappeared, and the rotating door, which required manual effort to move, suddenly opened by itself! It seems all kinds of mysterious troubles are popping up.


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