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[RD/ST02] Contents Checklist

Rook’s Deck. Unleash the Dragon Within.

RD/ST02-JP001 Rush Dragon Dragears (x 1)
RD/ST02-JP002 Gravity Press Dragon (x 3)
RD/ST02-JP003 Fire Guardian (x 3)
RD/ST02-JP004 Dragon Knight of Darkness (x 3)
RD/ST02-JP005 Dragolite (x 3)
RD/ST02-JP006 Twin-Edge Dragon (x 3)
RD/ST02-JP007 Dragon’s Priestess (x 3)
RD/ST02-JP008 Dragon Bat (x 3)
RD/ST02-JP009 Phoenix Dragon (x 3)
RD/ST02-JP010 Palm-Sized Drago (x 3)

RD/ST02-JP011 Dragonic Pressure (x 3)
RD/ST02-JP012 Fire Dragon’s Heat Flash (x 3)

RD/ST02-JP013 Dragon Encounter (x 3)
RD/ST02-JP014 Counteroffensive Dragonstrike (x 3)



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