[Lore] Shadoll and Ryuusei

This is from V Jump.


A Dark group controlled by “Shadow Strings”!!
In the abyss of this world, there is a certain something called the “Shadoll Roots” (The Primordial “Core” of Shadow-Possession) which gives birth to shadows that absorb light, the “Shadoll”.
“Elshadoll Nephilim” uses these “shadow strings” to control the manifested shadows, and with this to extend its influence and power… …


A Group of Genryuu who dwell inside the “Stars” of the Heavens and Earth.
They are incarnations of elements found on this planet and the power of the bright stars in the sky brought forth by “A Certain Warrior of Hope” (Constellar Sombere) which has the same amount of power as God. It’s said that when the “Ryuusei” come together, a shining radiance will consume everything.

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