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Lord of Duelist Goods

At the Lord of Duelist event (an official Shueisha and co. backed event) being held in Tokyo and Osaka during August, the following goods have been announced.


Advance Tickets cost 1300 Yen.
For 3300 Yen you get the Advance Ticket plus special gift sets based on all 5 Series which includes:
– 2 Tin Badges (based on the show’s rivals)
– A reversible strap of the ace monster
– A vinyl pouch
– A Message Card
– Sticker Seal

Or for 5300 Yen with your Advance Ticket:


A 20th Anniversary Medal Set

Day of Ticket costs 1600 Yen
The Special Set with Day of Ticket costs 3600 Yen

Rubber Strap Collection (600 Yen per series)
Masking Tape (500 Yen per series)
Glass Set (1800 Yen per series)
Cube Collection Tin Badges (300 Yen per series)
My Turn! Fans (400 Yen per series)

Goods from the Glorious Duelist Exhibit (the movie exhibit)


Clear File (A) (350 Yen)
Clear File (B) (350 Yen)
Cleaner Cloth (500 Yen)
Memo Pad (500 Yen)
Kaiba Corp Ballpoint Pen (500 Yen)
Kaiba Corp Cookie (1000 Yen)

Event Pre-Sale Goods


Clear File Set (2450 Yen)
Clear File File (1000 Yen)
Character Badge Collection (300 Yen)
Tapsetry (2500 Yen)
“Yu-Gi-Oh!” TV Series Acrylic Key Holder (700 Yen)
Carry-s Movie “Yu-Gi-Oh!” (1000 Yen)
Character & Accessory (Aigami) (1500 Yen)


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