[Duel Links] Stardust Acceleration

The first Box of Duel Links’ 5D’s Area is revealed, and it has support for X-Saber, Genex, Gusto, and Blue-Eyes

9 Ultra Rares

Stardust Dragon
XX-Saber Fulhelmknight
Genex Undine
XX-Saber Hyunlei
Flamvell Uruquizas
Silver’s Cry
Mausoleum of White
Unexpected Dai
Paleozoic Hellucigenia

11 Super Rares

Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon
X-Saber Wayne
Black Brutdrago
The White Stone of Legend
XX-Saber Boogart Knight
XX-Saber Darksoul
Genex Neutron
Dark Elf
Offerings to the Doomed
Dark Factory of mass Production
Faustian Bargian

28 Rares

Genex Controller
Galaxy Serpent
Oppressed People
Priestess with Eyes of Blue
Protector with Eyes of Blue
XX-Saber Gardestriker
Genex Solar
Gusto Squirro
Gusto Falco
Kamui, Hope of Gusto
Dark Scorpion – Meanae the Thorn
Tuned Magician
X-Saber Souza
Hydro Genex
Geo Genex
Windmill Genex
Daigusto Eguls
Saber Slash
Lightwave Tuning
Natural Tune
Stardust Shimmer
Tuner’s High
Stardust Flash
Scrap-Iron Statue
At One With the Sword
Success Probability 0%
Synchro Deflector
Desperate Tag

42 Commons

People Running About
United Resistance
X-Saber Axel
XX-Saber Garsem
Genex Furnace
Genex Gaia
Genex Doctor
Genex Ally Bellflame
Dark Scorpion Burglars
Dark Scorpion – Cliff the Trap Remover
Dark Scorpion – Chick the yellow
Dark Scorpion – Gorg the Strong
Queeen’s Double
Shadow Delver
Future Samurai
Cyber Shark
Reed Butterfly
Needle Soldier
Feedback Warrior
Key Man the Key Warrior
Shine Knight
Perditious Puppeteer
Cosmic Flare
Saber Vault
Unleash Your Power!
Variety Comes Out
Synchro Gift
Shooting Star
Stardust Re-Spark
Blessings for Gusto
Whirlwind for Gusto
Dust Storm for Gusto
Bubble Crash
Huge Revolution
Revivl Gift
Level Retuner
Synchro Barrier
Curse of the Circle

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