[Duel Links] Ranked Duels Revamp and Card Flipper Campaign (Aug 2019)

A new Card Flipper campaign with “Magic Planter” as the featured card, and more Gems and less demotions in Ranked Duels, but more Ranks? 

Card Flipper Campaign

Once per day, pick a card and and receive a randomly chosen gift. Rewards include Gems, Gold, Duel orbs and 2 SR cards: “Magic Planter” and “Time Machine”.

Ranked Duels Revamp

Changes will be implemented from: August 27 2019

1. Demotions

Players will no longer be demoted for losing, except at ranks Legend 2 and Legend 3. Players’ Ranks will be demoted at the end of the season,

2. New Ranks added

In order to keep Ranked Duels challenging without demotions, the following Ranks will be added:

– Bronze Rank 6-7

– Silver Rank 6-7

– Gold Rank 6-7

– Platinum Rank 6-7

With the addition of new Ranks, players will be demoted by 7 Ranks instead of 5 when a new season begins.

3. Cumulative Victory Rewards Updated

The following adjustments will be made to the Cumulative Victory Rewards:

– Players will get Gems every time they win a Duel, up until their 50th win. (Card Tickets will be given out for every 5th and 10th win.)

– There will be a few changes to rewards such as UR and SR Tickets.

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