[RDS] Story 7: “The Bestowed Holy Seal”

Christianity with a New Hat.

Heavenly Doctrine To Save Believers

A holy seal given to a girl by heaven itself. It is grace from a noble entity and existence, and it is said only observance and dissemination of the teachings transmitted from the holy seal to one’s heart and mind and soul can bring peace to the world of man.

A Sign Is Give To One Who Believes

Heavenly Gift

Regular Prayers Brings Peace

Heavenly Rest

Spread Heavenly Doctrine To The People

Heavenly Revelation

Find And Lead Your Congregation

Heavenly Selection

God Punishes Those Who Defy Their Will

According to heavenly doctrine, those who defy God’s will are considered to be beasts and will surely be punished.

Judgment of the Rising Light

Garmr the Lone Wolf

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