Legacy of the Valiant gets a Korean World Premiere. I don’t even.

Apparently, Korea is getting a World Premiere card. You know. The things we’ve been calling exclusives? Now, why should you care? More cards across the world = More stuff that might eventually pop up. Card info after the jump, take it with a grain of salt until we get more info, etc. You know the deal.

Outer God Nyarla
Rank 4 EARTH Fiend Xyz Effect Monster
DEF 2600
2 Level 4 monsters
When this card is Xyz Summoned: You can discard any number of cards; increase this card’s Rank by 1 for each card discarded this way. Once per turn: You can target 1 monster in your Graveyard; detach all Xyz Materials from this card, and if you do, attach that target to this card as Xyz Material, and if you do, the Type and Attribute of this card become the same Type and Attribute as that target.

No pics.

Text is subject to change depending on whether or not I can figure out what conjunction I’m supposed to use.

Not entirely sure if it’s “and if you do” or “also” for the Detach and Attach part. Not sure if that last bit about changing Type and Attribute would be a lingering effect or continuous, either. Probably the former for both accounts, but take it with a bit of salt. It’s been a while since I’ve dealt with Korean syntax and I’ve always been bad at writing up PSCT.

Source is the YGO Naver Cafe.

Or you can check the Korean wiki, because you can’t read the above without an account.

Now, before you go “Wait how can we trust that site?” read through the following.

What IS Daewon? Well. They’re the distributor for YGO in Korea. They also currently own the license to the anime and the manga AND distribute the games, so they pretty much own all the distribution rights for the entire franchise in Korea as far as I’m aware.

That Naver Cafe that’s up there is essentially the equivalent of Daewon’s community forums for YGO. I’m not sure exactly when it was made or if it started off as an official portion of Daewon’s management, but there’s a link to it on the Korean YGO homepage and a good chunk of its staff members have been assimilated into Daewon as employees from what I’ve heard. Any and all Korean product info will usually pop up through either that site, or the website of online card stores that get product lists. And the guy who uploaded that seems to be part of the staff pool from what I know. Unfortunately, unless you’ve registered as a part of that forum you can’t read the newspost due to asinine Naver Cafe settings.

Hence why I put a wiki link below. That wiki link is basically Korea’s 3rd biggest wiki and pretty much the biggest geek wiki in the country. That doesn’t mean it’s anywhere near as neutral or accurate as Wikipedia or as good as it should be in terms of references. I should know. I’ve made a few stupid mistakes of my own on there. Still, it’s the biggest compilation of YGO info and mechanics that Korea has, and has a good chunk of other tidbits, rumors and stories on all sorts of things that have long been lost to the darkest depths of internet history.

So yeah. Either this is a god tier practical joke or Konami’s global operations are taking a turn for the bizarre.

If this is real though? HAIL THE ELDER GODS. Hopefully the influx of OCG territory premiere cards are hinting at a continuation of what used to be the Hidden Arsenal packs. Who knows? All I know is that if this stuff is real, you’d all better pester the hell out of Konami TCG to bring it over.

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