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[OCG] Extra Pack 2015

This wasn’t too shocking.

Extra Pack 2015
September 19th, 2015
143 Yen per Pack
5 Cards per Pack
15 Packs per Box

79 Different Cards
2 Extra Secret Rare Cards
6 Ultra Rare Cards
9 Super Rare Cards
20 Rare Cards
52 Common Cards
All the Ultra Rares also come in Secret Foils

● Includes a vast collection of overseas cards from the West and South Korea, that were World Premieres from “Duelist Alliance”  to “Crossed Souls”!
Not only does it included new themes, it also includes cards that strengthen existing themes, making its contents varied enough that it appeals to a wide array of players.
● The World Premiere Cards from the 2014 World Championship are included as Extra Secret Rare Replicas!
● It’s the biggest Extra Pack to date with a total of 79 different cards.



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