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Memories of the Duel King – Ceremonial Duel

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Black Magician / Dark Magician (TCG LOB art) – UR
Black Magician Girl / Dark Magician Girl (TCG tin art) – UR
Magician of Black Chaos – UR
Konton no Kuromajutsushi / Dark Magician of Chaos – UR
Silent Magician LV8 – UR
Silent Swordsman LV7 – UR
Mashmallon – UR
Shisha Sousei / Monster Reborn – UR
Ten yori no Housatsu / Card of Sanctity – UR
Black Magic / Dark Magic Attack – UR
Magicians’ Cross / Magicians Unite – UR
Magician’s Circle – UR
Choumadou Kenshi – Black Paladin / Dark Paladin (TCG DPYG art) – UR
Hakairyuu Gandora / Gandora the Dragon of Destruction
Silent Magician LV4
Silent Swordsman LV5
Silent Swordsman LV3
Buster Blader
The Tricky
Jack’s Knight
Queen’s Knight
King’s Knight
Green Gadget
Red Gadget
Yellow Gadget
Jukuren no Kuromajutsushi / Skilled Dark Magician
Jukuren no Shiromajutsushi / Skilled White Magician
Hikari no Gofuken / Swords of Revealing Light
Fuuin no Ougonhitsu / Gold Sarcophagus
Yuugou / Polymerization
Hikari to Yami no Senrei / Dedication through Light and Darkness
Chaos – Kuromajutsu no Gishiki / Black Magic Ritual
Tricky’s Magic 4 / Tricky Spell 4
Ryuuhakai no Akashi / Emblem of Dragon Destroyer
Marshmallon no Megane / Marshmallon Glasses
Seinaru Barrier – Mirror Force / Mirror Force
Hibiwareyuku Ono / Shattered Axe
Kidou Toride Strong Hold / Stronghold the Moving Fortress
Kiseki no Fukkatsu / Miracle Restoring


Black Illusion – SCR
Trap Normal
All DARK Spellcaster-Type monsters with 2000 or more ATK you currently control cannot be destroyed by battle and are unaffected by your opponent’s card effects, but their effects are negated. These changes last until the end of the turn.

Ou no Migite no Eikou / Glory of the King’s Right Hand – UR / Replica

Ra no Yokushinryuu / The Winged Dragon of Ra – UR / Replica

Special 15th Anniversary Token – UR

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Number III, Eva is a master in the art of Blurography and a firm believer in not sleeping just to translate moonrunes for a card game.

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