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Kaiba Corporation – Now Hiring!!

Kaiba Corporation is now hiring! If your dream job includes working on the next generation duel disk, its time to send in your application.

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Job requirements include:
– Good knowledge of Magic and Wizards (Name of the card game in the manga)
– Beginner Duelling capabilities
(Higher chance of getting hired if you ever topped a Magic and Wizards national event or ever took part in Duelist Kingdom / Battle City.)

Aside from your basic salary, you will get a commission on sales made. Benefits include all expenses on Magic and Wizards, and Duel Insurance coverage. You also get 10-20 days of leave.

If you are interested, just go to the website in the source below and take a short interview to see how much you know our new president, Kaiba Seto. If you clear the interview, you will then be given a suitable role in the company and receive a staff pass.

PS: The test is really easy, all the answers are Kaiba Seto!

Kaiba Corporation Website

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