[ARC-V] New Cards from the Manga (August 18th)

Including new D/D Cards used by Reiji (but not confirmed for release in either card game)

Mirror Imagine Secondary 9
Pendulum Effect:
When an opponent’s monster attacks, you can Special Summon a “Mirror Imagine” monster whose Level is in-between the your Pendulum Scales, and have it battle.

Mirror Imagine Reflector

Level 7
DEF 2000

Mirror Imagine Catadiptricker
Level 8

D/D Greedy Golem
Trap Card
After activation, its ATK becomes the same as the Special Summoned monster on your opponent’s field with the highest ATK. At the end of the turn, both are destroyed.

D/D Cold Golem
Trap Card
1 Star
When this card is activated, ¬†add 1 “D/D” Pendulum Monster from your Deck to your hand.
During this turn, you cannot Pendulum Summon nor place cards in the Pendulum Zone.

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