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Various Pre-Sale Cospa Goods at Jump Festa 2020

So many the sources haven’t provided full deets.

There will be Bromides, Keychains, Wall Tapestries and a Duel Disk Bag for Duel Monsters

Key Chains: 660 Yen

Atem Tapestry with Bromide: 6270 Yen

Duel Disk Sacoche Bag: 2200 Yen

Kaiba Tapestry: 3190 Yen

Atem Tapestry: 6050 Yen

GX will have Bromides, Wall Tapestries, Keychains, Bags and even a Metal Mug.

Judai Tapestry with Bromide: 6270 Yen

Winged Kuriboh & Pharaoh Sacoche Bag: 2200 Yen

Judai 150 cm Tapestry: 4620 Yen

Judai 100 cm Tapestry: 6050 Yen

Sleepy Judai in Pajamas: 660 Yen

Stainless Steel Mug: 2640 Yen

5D’s will have commemorative Wall Tapestries and Acrylic Stands, as well as Key Chains of Bruno and Antinomy.

Crow & Aki Acrylic Stands: 1430 Yen

Rua, Ruka & Bruno Acrylic Stands: 1430 Yen

Yusei & Jack Acrylic Stands: 1430 Yen

Antinomy & Bruno Key Straps: 6600 Yen

Team 5D’s Commemorative Tapestry: 3190 Yen


Tron Family Bromides and Big Towels, Kaito Cushion Covers, and Vector Eyemasks

Tron Family 120 cm Big Towel with Bromide: 4840 Yen

Vector Eye Mask: 1320 Yen

Kaito Cushion Cover: 2200 Yen

Tron Family 120 cm Big Towel: 4620 Yen


Large Color Pass Case featuring Yuya and a Large Tote Bag featuring Yuya and his doubles

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V Large Tote Bag: 1980 Yen

Sakaki Yuya Full Color Passcake: 1430 Yen


Tapestries with Bromides, Keychains, Storm Access Gloves and Cafe Nagi Mugs

Ryoken and Yusaku 120 cm Big Towels with Bromides: 4840 Yen

Playmaker Storm Acess Glove: 1100 Yen

Ryoken, Takeru and Yusaku Key Chains: 660 Yen

Ryoken & Yusaku Mugs: 1650 Yen

Ryoken and Yusaku 120 Big Twoels: 4620 Yen

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