July 2023 OCG Times General [OCG]

The other stuff that isn’t specific cards

The new boss for Z-ARC Decks from the commercial!

Ono Kensho says hello.

Hoshino representing the 5D’s fans inside us all.

Soon, Monster Creators

Reviewing the new Z-ARC support

The shinier versions of Odd-Eyes ARC-RAY Dragon

The new version of “Magicians of Bonds and Unity”!

Monster Creators:

Mr. Hoshino petitions Konami to print more Resonators.

A superhero made entirely of fish

“A Pack Opening” for Battleion Monsters:

Mr. R-1 Grand Prix Champion’s fave is Marshmallon

Episodes 146 to 148 is relevant

Structure Deck: Pulse of the King is on sale

Zillion Thunder is on sale in Duel Links

New Selection & Secret Packs for Master Duel

5PM JST on July 15th, 2023 will be the finals for WCQ Japan

Jump Victory Carnival 2023

July 23rd, 2023 Tokyo
July 28th, 2023 Osaka

The Promo Card for Entry will be “Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch” (Rush Duel)

There will be a special stage featuring voice actors from Yu-Gi-Oh! Go Rush!!

OCG/Rush Duel Battle Corners
And Duel Links & Rush Duel Corners where digital arts of monsters will get displayed!

The next Rush Duel Core Booster is out August 11th, 2023

Gaia The Fierce Knight Over Rush Rare

Recorded Message from Ms. Kobayashi, voice actress for Mitsuko from Go Rush!!

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