I Think I Might Begin A Judges’ Column.

Good afternoon, readers. Join me for a few minutes.

Today’s my birthday, and I’m in an extremely good mood, so I may begin a new column.

I’ve been thinking about doing something along the lines of creating a Q&A column for a few years now, ever since Joe Frankino’s various written columns on TCGPlayer, often entitled either Black and White or Court of Appeals, ceased publication.

I enjoyed that work, and valued it greatly. I’ve had the good fortune to work alongside him at a number of Organized Play events over the years, at least before COVID-19 made Organized Play events too unsafe to conduct in-person.

It would be my aim to continue that work, in service to my readers and the larger game-playing community. I have the skills and patience necessary to handle the task: I am confident that a number of our readers have met me in person while I was working for each NAWCQ from 2014 to 2019, or for the World Championship Public Events in 2016, or for a number of YCS events in North America over the years, or for occasional Regional Qualifiers in and near Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky. I believe that players believe I spare no effort in my work.

To serve you, I will take your questions about card interactions, rulebook text, policy documents, event logistics, player behavior, and judge duties.

If I receive enough viable questions to warrant a column, I will create a column.

Please e-mail your questions about card interactions, rulebook text, policy documents, event logistics, player behavior, and judge duties to [email protected] whenever you like.

Also, I am taking suggestions for the *name* of this possible column, as well!

I intend to select e-mails received, and reply to selected e-mails in the column.

If I receive too many e-mails, though I might not be able to get all of them within the column. To improve your chances of your e-mail making it to the column, please keep in mind these guidelines:
– Please ask only one question per e-mail.
– Please be clear about what you ask. Grammar and precision help make your question easier to understand, and it’s important that the column’s readers understand what you ask, just like how it’s important that I understand.

In addition, there are some important reminders I must give you:
-Answers I give are my own opinion unless directly sourced from official KONAMI staff or publications.
– In accord with Tournament Policy, answers I give cannot over-rule the judgments and decisions made by judges and staff at an event-in-progress. Tournament Policy holds that those working an event have operational control of that event.
– I’ll try to stick to official terms whenever possible. In cases where I use community jargon, even jargon that is perceived to be universally accepted, I’ll do my best to remind everyone that I used jargon.
– I’ll note my sources whenever possible.
– I’ll make a point to use the official card database as my card text reference. You can find the official card database here.

I happily look forward to hearing from you all! No question is too small, so heed your judge’s call!

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